Why you need a website

Here’s why:
Buyer behavior changed over the last 100-years and has adapted to 21st century technology. In other words, your customers are now in the digital age. I am sure older people still remember how the telephone book was the way to go before the turn of the century.The Yellow Pages was the place to promote your business then, but it wasn’t always. Before phone books there were other books to order life's necessities.
Here are three examples of business media: Sears Roebuck Catalog - divided by product typeThe Yellow Pages – section by products and alphabeticalThe Internet Website – over 1,000 criteria for display, plus product type, location, popularity, etc.
Even before these examples there was the town crier, the newspaper, and the traveling salesman.But let’s just look at the last 100-years for now.The telephone book was the technology in the 19th century.It absolutely changed how customers conducted business and was…
The UX Experience For those that don't know UX = user experience and there are rules.
Simplify * Standardize * Inform I recently went through and deleted half of my website and I am not done!  The video I labored to post as my header, gone.  Half the content also gone.  Hours of work and ideas down the drain.  All in the name of simplification and I am guessing you should do the same thing.
Need Proof? The biggest money making site in the world is Google.  Their homepage has a search bar, a minor graphic image, and very few words with a lot of white space.  Without including a picture of the Google website I bet you can see it in your minds eye.
Simplifications means getting rid of all content that is fluff, sales hype, repeated on multiple pages, and eliminating as much as possible.  Make it easy for your sites visitors to find what they are looking for with content that is up front and on top, clear navigation, and images that only relate to the story or that tell the story vis…